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Weddings bring family and friends of all generations together, and the party bands at Yazz Events cater to a wide variety of musical tastes. Our team at Yazz Events will work with you to ascertain the vibe and musical atmosphere that matters most to you. Between our party bands Rhythm Makers, Heatwave, and A.Y.O., our talented musicians and singers will make your wedding unforgettable. Every wedding is unique, so we offer a wide variety of specialties to ease your search for the perfect live band.

Let our team help you pick the perfect band for your special day. The process includes an online planning portal where clients customize music choices with our experts on hand to assist and are not limited to a standard song list. Take your ceremony to the next level with a high-energy live wedding band in Chicago!

Rhythm Makers

Urban band specializing in soulful sounds, R&B, Funk and Motown


The ultimate PARTY band playing Pop, Motown, 80s, 90s, Country, Disco, Jewish, Jazz and more!

(Amy Yassinger Orchestra)

A high-end experience with sophistication, class and timeless elegance and customization. No limits!

Luxury meets Class


Heatwave Party Band at Yazz Events

Why Choose Heatwave?

Heatwave is our most requested party and dance band! They play ALL genres of music, regardless of era, as well as a variety of multi-cultural favorites. Genres include Latin, Jewish, Country, the 80s, 90s, Pop, Disco, Motown, Rock n’ Roll and so much more! This award-winning band has played together consistently for over a decade and its members have performed internationally, truly loving the sound they make together. They take special song requests seriously and often play medleys to play as many songs as possible.

The organic chemistry between the Heatwave musicians is undeniable since everyone has played and rehearsed together regularly to maintain a polished, professional, and fun band. They consistently add new songs and orchestrations based on demand and music trends.

Luxury meets Class


Why Choose A.Y.O?

The Amy Yassinger Orchestra is where musical dreams become a reality. The orchestrations are fresh, unique, and timeless. Continuous live music will consist of current hits, classical favorites, and everything in between. If you are looking to find the perfect band for a fairy-tale wedding, the strings, horns, and industry-leading vocalists of A.Y.O. are for you.

This immersive experience will consist of a wardrobe full of white suits and sparkly gowns, white staging, a backdrop LED wall, and upgraded elegant lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding in Chicago, Illinois.

Rhythm Is Expression Therefore It’s Art

Rhythm Makers

Why Choose Rhythm Makers?

The Rhythm Makers are an urban-influenced band covering 90’s favorites as well as Motown, Funk, and R&B hits. They often play mash-ups on the fly so every performance is unique and memorable. The band is led by a collective of soulful, dynamic, and creative artists. Whether it’s the Temptations or Jay-Z, the Rhythm Makers bring remarkable energy every time.

Longtime Yazz Events musician Keith Brooks II leads the Rhythm Makers in getting your guests on the dance floor. The makeup of this band consists of a rapper, vocalist, and rhythm section. Horns and additional vocalists can be added upon request. The Rhythm Makers are a more affordable package than other bands but still bring all the expertise and liveliness that your big day needs.

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